Mermaid Shower Wall Panels


Mermaid Panels

Mermaid Panels from Norske are waterproof wall panels ideal for use is bathrooms, showers, kitchens, cloakrooms and en-suite bathrooms. Mermaid waterproof panels were designed in Scandinavia where people have been using them for over 35 years.

Mermaid is a very popular alternative to traditional bathroom tiles; the panels are easily cleaned and maintained. These luxury shower wall panels have high-quality laminate surface which feels warm to the touch and the water will simply runs off. Beneath the layer of laminate is 9mm thick water-resistant plywood, and the reverse of the panel is balancing laminate.

Waterproof Panels come in many finishes and 40 colours to choose from which means you’re bound to find one to suit your taste.

Mermaid sell complete waterproof wall panel kits, or you can simply buy each product individually, it just depends which will suit you needs best. Mermaid offer a ‘Shower Panel Kits’, ‘Wall Kits’ and ‘End Kits’ – there is a detailed breakdown of each kit and each panel listed below:

Mermaid Shower Panel Kits (900x900mm, 1200x900mm or 1200x1200mm Kits)

2 Panels (sizes depend on kit size chosen)
1 Internal Corner Profile
2 Co-ordinating Edging Profiles
2 Bottom Seal End Caps
2 Bottom Seal Profiles
Sealux-N Sealant
Mitre Box (to assist cutting)
This is ideal for a two sided shower, perhaps where a shower is installed into a corner.  This kit can be used in conjunction with the ‘End Kit’ for three sided shower.

Mermaid Wall Panel Kits

3 x 600mm Wide Panels
2 Co-ordinating Edging Profiles
2 Bottom Seal End Caps
1 Bottom Seal Profiles
Sealux-N Sealant
Multi-Purpose Adhesive
Mitre Box (to assist cutting)
This kit is ideal for a walk-in shower or a bath-side wall. This kit can also be used in conjunction with the ‘End Kit’.

Mermaid End Kits (900mm or 1200mm wide)

1 Wall Panel (In chosen size)
1 Co-ordinating Internal Corner Profile
1 Bottom Seal Profile
Sealux-N Sealant
Multi-Purpose Adhesive
This kit can be used in conjunction with the wall panel kit and shower panel kit.

Mermaid Bathroom Wall Panel
Size: 2400x600mm
Weight Approx: 12-14Kg
Bathroom panels feature tongue and groove on long edge for a neat finish, and the short edges are chamfered to create a ‘drip-nose’ so the water runs away easily.

Mermaid Hi-Shower Wall

Size: 2400x900mm
Weight Approx: 18-21Kg
One panels long edge is square to fit into the corner profile, but is also grooved to allow fitting of a concealed profile. The other long edge features a fixing lip (as bathroom wall panel) so it can be joined to the bathroom wall panel if required, and so that fixings can be concealed with a ‘snap-in’ edging profile. The short edges are chamfered to create a ‘drip-nose’ so the water runs away easily.

Mermaid Wide Shower Wall

Size: 2400x120mm
Weight Approx: 21-28 Kg
Each edge of the panel is square-cut.


Mermaid Panel Profiles

Panel Kits are supplied with PVC colour co-ordinated profiles as standard, but kits can also be supplied in aluminium profiles at a small extra cost.

Mermaid Two Part Self Sealing Profiles – Internal and External Profiles
Mermaid have just introduced a new two part system for fitting mermaid panels quicker and easier than ever, new ‘Click-Seal’ design requires no sealant which means less mess.
This design incorporates a back section and a face section, the two piece simply click together with the wall panels between, and a self-sealing barrier tape inside the profile creates a water-tight seal

Mermaid Edging Profile
Edging profiles give a neat and tidy finish to the shower panels, but they must be installed before the panels are fixed to the wall.

Mermaid Bottom Seal Profile (Transeal)
The Transeal Profile has been specially designed to allow for any expansion and contraction which may take place, this design combined with special sealant will provide a leak-proof installation.

Mermaid Joining Profiles
These profile are ideal if you room is higher than 2400, ‘H’ and ‘T’ profiles simply cover the join


Installation of Mermaid Shower Panels

Installing waterproof wall panels is so much easier and quicker than tiling a wall and there’s no time to be spent on grouting and finishing. Mermaid wall panels can even be fit over the old tiles in your bathroom, which is much quicker and saves creating lots of mess chipping off the old tiles. Mermaid shower panels can also be fit to blocks, brickwork, concrete and plasterboard, the will even overcome the problem of uneven wall if batons are fixed to the wall. Mermaid waterproof wall panels are very durable and hardwearing, and they can even be used to construct a false wall in a bathroom or en-suite.

Mermaid waterproof wall panels are fit together using a tongue and groove system and sealed with silicone to ensure the tight joints are completely water-tight. Mermaid waterproof wall panels come complete with a 10 year guarantee.