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Underfloor heating is a ‘Must Have’ when laying new flooring, is can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, practically every room in your house! Warmup Under floor Heating Systems can be used with a wide selection of floor coverings including laminates, tiles and surprisingly carpets!

Warmup has developed three types of Underfloor Heating -

You simply need to select the best Warmup system for your installation.

Warmup under-floor heating can even be used as the only heat source in your room; it offers a discreet alternative to radiators. However if you do decide Warmup will be the only source of heat, then 100% of the floor must be covered and rooms comply with current building regulation insulation levels. In rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories where is impossible to cover 100% of the floor additional heat sources may be required.

Warmup products are approved by BEAB (British Electro-Technical Approvals Board), America's UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and the European equivalents. Warm-Up Underfloor Heating Products must be fitted with an RCD (Residual Current Device), and it advised the grounding nets be used when installing in a wet area such as a bathroom.

Warmup Under-Tile Loose Wire System

The Warmup Loose Wire System uses a 3mm, ultra-thin, dual-core heating element which is fixed to the floor and can tiled over straight away. The Loose Wire system is suitable for use with Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone, Limestone, Slate & Terracotta. It is also possible to use Warmup Loose Wire System under thick flooring such as flagstone, but the heating time will be increased.
Warm-Up Undertile Loose Wire System is particularly ideal for rooms where the floor space maybe small or an un-usual shape. A good example of this would be a bathroom with a limited floor area, the Loose Wire system can fit into usual shapes which means no cold spots which may occur using a matting underfloor heating system.
The Loose Wire system is available to cover floor area from 1.5m Sq. up to 25m Sq.
Kits come complete with installation products and Warmup programmable Thermostat.

Warmup Undertile Matting System

On the Warmup Undertile Matting System the electrical heating cable is attached to a tough fiberglass mesh mat which can be rolled out easily onto the floor before tiling.  As there are no wires to space out and fix, the Under-Tile Matting is quick and simple to install.
 Like the Loose Wire System, the Matting System can also be used with Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone, Limestone, Slate & Terracotta.
Warmup Undertile Matting System are available for rooms with a floor area of 1.5m Sq. up to 22m Sq., kits are complete will installation kit and a programmable Warmup Thermostat

Warmup Underlaminate Floor Heating

The Warmup Under-Laminate Heating is an ultra-thin 2mm-thick! The amorphous metal ribbons are specifically for heating Laminate & Wood flooring. They do not exceed 28 degrees to protect the finish of the floor from damage. The Under-Laminate Floor Heating can also be used with Carpet and Vinyl, but Warmup recommend you contact them beforehand to discuss procedures which may differ from installing under laminate or wood.
Warmup Underlaminate Floor heating sizes range from 0.5x1.5m up to 1.0x3.5m, kits do not include thermostat.


Instalation Video - Loose Wire Systems

Instalation Video - Matting Systems

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