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Aqua-Dec is durable strong wetroom former, designed especially to allow you to install a stunning wet room in your home hassle free.

Impey Aquadec is a 22mm deep preformed shower base which can be set into both wooden and concrete floors. Aqua Dec's preformed bases all have a 17mm gradient to the drainage gully to allow the water to drain away quickly and easily. Drainage gullies are strategically positioned on the base to avoid joists and are covered with a stainless steel plate which can be accessed easily for cleaning and maintenance. Aqua-Dec can also be supplied with a drainage pump if there is a gravity drainage problem.

Aqua Dec can be tiled or covered with vinyl flooring, it’s up to you, just make sure the edge of the Aqua-dec is level with the rest of the floor before you start. You can even use Devimat under-floor heating with Aqua Dec to create a totally luxurious showering experience, Devimat can also help the bathroom to dry out after showering.

Before you install a wetroom you should tank your bathroom, this means make it watertight. Another solution from Impey is Tile-Safe – a waterproof membrane made from rubber and glass fibre mesh, this is bonded with adhesive to the Aqua Dec before you lay flooring to ensure your wet room is water-tight. Tile-Safe is available in 5m2 or 10m2 kits, the one you will need is dependant upon the size of Aqua Dec chosen.

Aqua Dec is designed by Impey, a company whom have been finding solutions for wetrooms for the past five years. Aqua Dec is available in nine different sizes which can even be trimmed, this makes it is possible to create a wetroom in any situation. Aqua-Dec allows you to create the bathroom you only dreamt of having.

Aqua Dec: Some things to think about...

Where will I position the Aqua-Dec in my bathroom?

On those cold winter days the tiles will be cold on your feet, consider installing approved Under-floor heating which is suitable for use with Aqua-deck.

Do not use Un Approved under-floor heating because your Tile Safe Membrane might melt…… seriously!!


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