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Bath panels are available in many sizes, finishes and styles. Most of time rectangular baths can be supplied with a matching bath panel, which is made from the same colour Acrylic as the bath.

Corner Baths for example will come complete with Bath Panel as it would be difficult to find any other ready made bath panel to fit. However some people to prefer to match the bath panel to other furnishings in the bathroom such as the toilet seat or storage units.

Traditional Bath Panels are made from solid wood or a manmade board with a real wooden veneer and they commonly have moldings used in their design. Some of the finishes include Pine, Mahogany, Beech, Wenge, Oak ……. Tongue & Groove and Shaker are some of the styles available.

Modern Bath Panels are available in many finishes including High Gloss white and Beech, they are available with stainless steel or frosted glass bath panels set into them. Modern bath panels can give you the most up to date designer look to complement a modern lifestyle.

Bath panels are sometimes supplied with a plinth which allows the height of the bath panel to be adjusted, but sometimes the panel will need to be cut or in some cases the installer will set the bath to the height which the bath panel will fit.

Bath Panels: Some things to think about...

Check both the height and length of the bath, is the panel I have chosen the right size?

What is the position of the bath, will I need a corner post and end panel?

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