Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets can add up to 50% of your bathroom remodeling budget, so set your budget before you begin. But remember that the cabinets you choose will also have a major effect on the overall look of your bathroom, so try not to forsake looks and quality over cost savings.

Choose Stock bathroom cabinets if you can, they represent the cheapest possible option, but you will be limited to the 'off the shelf' sizes and designs. Semi-Custom cabinets are more expensive, and are still normally limited in the choice of sizes available, but do normally offer a wider range of options.

Finally Custom Bathroom Cabinets offer any size, style and finish you desire, but for the budget conscious the cost involved normally makes this option far to expensive to be considered. It's also worth remembering that custom made cabinets will take at least 10 weeks to be manufactured.

The first thing you need to do is measure (accurately) The space you need to fill with cabinets, then take a look at what cabinets are available in stores and catalogues. Eventually you may need a bathroom designer to visit and do the final measure, but your initial measurements will allow you to gather some reasonably accurate estimates on the cost of your cabinets from a number of outlets before making this decision.

Bathroom Cabinets: Some things to think about:

1. How much room do you have? Don't cram cabinets in that won't fit!

2. Think about Quality! Cheap doesn't need to be nasty! There are some beautiful stock bathroom cabinets available.

3. Check the cabinets finish. Always compare like for like and check the overall quality of finish of your short listed cabinets, there can be a dramatic range of quality in the same price bands. 

4. Choose the cabinet style wisely. Your cabinets must compliment the rest of your bathroom, never mix traditional and contemporary cabinets. But also remember that you are going to have to live with your bathroom cabinets for quite a while, so the latest 'fashion colours' may not be the best long term choice!

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