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If you want to start on a new home improvement project then Bathroom Decoration is a great choice. A Well-decorated, bathroom with stylish fixtures will add value to your home and make life just a little more enjoyable. It's amazing how just a few simple decoration changes can make a huge difference to a bathroom, and here we give you a few simple and fun tips on how to get the most out of your bathroom.

A good bathroom is a sanctuary where you can lock yourself away from the rest of the world and relax, so let's bear this in mind as we contemplate how decoration will change the 'mood' of your bathroom. Your bathroom decoration needs to be an 'overall' makeover, think about what you have now, what to keep, and what will change - make sure your decoration can create or maintain the mood you need.

Considering moving home? then beware! You may think that those tangerine and apple green mosaic wall tiles are fantastic, but what about the prospective buyer? Keep it subtle!

If you take a good look at your bathroom decoration, you will probably find that, over the years, you have amassed a variety of accessories with different colours, styles and looks. Now is the time to bite your bottom lip and, (yes I know it hurts) if it isn't fixed to the wall or floor -  throw it out!

Now before we begin to restock it. Take a long hard look at what decoration you have and honestly decide what can be cleaned & refurbished, and what will need to replaced. Get out the paint and scrubbing brushes and go to work, you will be amazed at the difference a coat of paint and clean tile grout can make.

Now take a look at all the fixed bathroom accessories like towel rails and cupboards. Do they coordinate with each other? Do you like the way they  look? Think about replacing the taps and the mirrors or even the showerhead. The simple decoration things like door handles and drawer knobs can make a huge difference to how your bathroom decoration looks.  Consider adding new accessories such as a magnifying mirror, hair dryer, foot spa, etc.

Bathroom Decoration: Some things to think about:

Whether you have a large bathroom or a small one, bathroom decoration can be fun and easy.

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