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Can you really do your own bathroom design? Yes you can! Look for ideas in magazines on TV etc. but don't be lead entirely by others! be unique, be different but above all design something that you can live with. The bathroom has changed, and is much more than just a room for grooming. Bathrooms have evolved, and are now a place for home exercise equipment, music systems, TV's, steam rooms etc. So start taking notes, bathroom design ideas can pop up from all sorts of places, so collect them and write them down.

The first step to successful Bathroom Design is planning, your local bathroom supplier may be willing to help with the design if they are supplying the bathroom fittings, ask them if they can produce a computer-generated design plan based on your bathrooms size and your particular requirements.

It's a far easier and cheaper design solution to retain the existing layout of your bathroom, if you are going down this route, then carefully measure your bathroom suite before you go shopping for a replacement so that you know the new items will fit. If your design dictates a change in the layout, then still try to take plumbing and re-wiring into consideration, changing these will really bump up the cost.

First decide on the right place for the main space eating items like the bath and/or shower. Next decide where the toilet will go and then the washbasin. Once these essential bathroom fittings are in place you can work out how to design the remaining space. Choosing the bath and basin is normally the most difficult.

Bathroom storage will be essential, preferably both cupboards and shelves will be needed to 'hide' some personal items and keep everyday items easy to get at. When it comes to decorating design in your bathroom, pale colours brighten and enlarge a small bathroom, especially if there's no natural light, a large mirror across the wall opposite a window, will help make a small bathroom look and feel much bigger and brighter.

If you’re installing a shower – either as a separate enclosure or over the bath the choice is bewildering and you will probably find something that you didn't even realise existed.
Remember that your heating system will effect the choice of shower valve and fittings you can choose from, mainly because of the pressure differences between the different systems. If you have small children, a thermostatic valve is normally a safer choice, as this will prevent accidents from scalding hot water. And always check that your drainage can accommodate the amount of water your new shower produces (especially power showers) – an overflowing shower tray isn't a good idea!.

Bathroom Design: Some things to think about:

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