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Not surprisingly bathroom DIY projects are among the top ten causes of family fights. If you consider that the bathroom is the most frequented place in the house and when it's been left in disarray, for weeks, months, even years... then tempers are going to get frayed!. Bathroom DIY nightmares are mainly due to lack of time-management skills, especially if the DIY project is bigger than you first anticipated. Bathroom3
However, your bathroom DIY project doesn't’t have to be grounds for separation or divorce! Bathroom DIY can be a fun task for the whole family - honest! - and you will be the proud owners of a brand new bathroom in the end.

Lack of time is often the main reason for DIY projects to turn into DIY disasters, so before you begin, carefully designate a specific time to do it; let’s say a weekend or two. Bathroom DIY is the best way of making a tight budget make a major difference in how the bathroom looks, so a do it yourself project is definitely worthwhile, just make sure everyone knows what's involved before you begin.

Bathroom DIY can be easy and fun.
Here are some suggestions on how to do it yourself:

  • DIY Install of new bathroom flooring and / or paint your bathroom walls.
    These simple DIY tasks can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a bathroom. If your bathroom only needs one, then just concentrate on doing a great job on the single task.

    Painting is usually the simplest DIY way of changing to look and feel of a bathroom – but do this BEFORE you replace the floor! and check that the paint is suitable for the damp conditions found in a bathroom.

    For the floor, chose a suitable material such as ceramic floor tiles if you feel competent enough to manage this kind of DIY job, or for a simpler solution why not go for a good quality carpet that's designed for bathroom use.
  • Add new bathroom accessories.
    DIY accessories really can make a huge difference; for example changing or adding new bathroom cabinets can change the look of the bathroom space entirely. Get new bathroom rugs or replace the bath panel, and toilet seat. Installing new bathroom light fixtures such as spot light strip or wall lights will have a dramatic effect on the overall look and mood in your bathroom
  • If you feel you’re confident at DIY, try adding a new bathroom taps and showerhead. New bathroom hardware (brassware) can change an average bathroom to a stylish bathroom overnight! Be careful to choose fixtures that will match your bathroom – for example don't add modern chrome plated taps if you have antique look bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom DIY can be a great way of saving a fortune when refurbishing your bathroom, just make sure that you have the time, DIY skills and patience to tackle the jobs you have in mind. If you take it one step at a time, and PLAN AHEAD you will have the the bathroom you always wanted on a budget and the undeniable satisfaction of being able to say - I did that myself!

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