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Bathroom Entertainment is becoming more and more popular in the home, in the past this level of entertainment was something you could only indulge in when staying at a posh hotel.

But with peoples desire to turn their bathroom into a entertainment sanctuary bathroom entertainment is becoming an essential whether it be a waterproof radio, CD player, TV and DVD player or even a telephone! Yes you can now even talk to people whilst you shower, you may think whatever next, but this luxury entertainment is now affordable, so why not.

If you love to relax in the bath after a stressful day but don’t want to miss the soaps, why not consider installing a flat screen TV at the end of your bath? They’re now cheaper than they have ever been and you will be the envy of your friends and family!

Flat screen bathroom televisions feature a heated screen to prevent any steaming up and even a water-proof, floating remote control! And for the ultimate luxury why not connect it up to a DVD player.

Bathroom Entertainment: Some things to think about...

Where is the best place for your bathroom entertainment to be fitted?

TV’s and entertainment systems very often have a choice of surrounds which you can choose to match your colour scheme.

If you’re installing a TV, consider the size carefully, you don’t want to find it’s too small when you’re soaking in the bath.

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