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Choosing bathroom fixtures, can prove to be a challenge, mainly due to the bewildering choice available. Bathroom fixtures, like any other household items, can be combined in order to create different styles. there's an impressive range of fixture choices available to you when it comes to baths, toilets, sinks and taps.

You may think it's a simple task to choose
contemporary, classical, modern or antique style bathroom fixtures. However, because of the wide range of fixtures at your disposal, things may get complicated when you start looking.

Bathroom Fixtures - Toilets
Most are the conventional cistern & pan type. However, there is still a wide range of different styles, with each offering different features. Modern cisterns tend to be smaller, so you'll need less space in which to install your toilet, giving you a little extra space in the bathroom.

Bathroom Fixtures - Basins
Beside the normal pedestal basin you can also opt for a semi-recessed basin that fits into a shallow sink/cupboard space. Or for a more modern look you could go for the glass bowl type of basin that sits on a vertical stainless steel pillar.

For something really distinctive and different there's also a range of Travertine marble basins, these are a simple bowl that is cut from a solid block of natural stone.
Other materials used for basins are stainless steel, synthetic materials, glass and enameled steel. However, good old porcelain is the hands down winner!

Bathroom Fixtures - Baths
This used to be an easy choice - what colour and how big? Now we have corner baths, round baths, sunken baths, whirlpools, airbaths, massage baths, double baths, baths with showers all in a thousand different colours and styles..... oh and would you like an the optional TV !

This revolution is due to Acrylics, Acrylic
allows Bath designers to produce baths in different shapes that can adapted to practically any space in the bathroom.  It’s a smooth, polished material that efficiently resists stains and keeps its shine and colour for years.

Bathroom Fixtures- Whirlpool baths have been around for longer than you probably realise. The jet sprays in the whirlpool bath create a wave movement that produces a massaging effect on the body.  When choosing a whirlpool make sure that the bath is big enough. In fact, the bigger the better because lying too close to the jets can be a bit like having your ribs poked with a blunt stick!

Bathroom Fixtures - Air Jet Bath, or airbath, is possibly the more popular choice. Airbaths work by pumping millions of hot air bubbles through thousands of tiny holes in the bottom and sides of the bath, producing a more gentle and relaxing massage for the whole body.

Bathroom Fixtures - Showers
As with baths, showers have taken a quantum leap in the design stakes. Your choice has grown from the standard box with a door or a flexible pipe attached to your bath taps, to a myriad of shapes, sizes, colours and materials that offer an almost infinite variety.

Bathroom Fixtures - shower cubicles now come with a wide range of doors, frame colours, sizes and glass options allowing you to create a shower area in almost any space you may have available. How you choose between the thousands of items available will normally be determined between the overall look, feel, quality and final cost.

Bathroom Fixtures - Walk In enclosures are becoming very popular, minimalistic in design walk-ins offer a simple door-less entry into the showering area, and a low level or floor level shower tray. Similarly, wet rooms consist of a single glass panel screen with a drain sunk into a tiled floor area.

Bathroom Fixtures - Taps
If you thought choosing your toilet, bath and shower was difficult, we now come to the big challenge TAPS!  To say there's a wide choice would be the understatement of the decade - there are literally thousands and thousands! Taps don't only come in hundreds of different shapes, but also lots of finishes  gold, chrome, coloured, Brushed nickel are the more popular finishes at the moment.

Probably the most important thing to consider when choosing taps is quality, there are many 'cheap' taps on the market that look great, but won't last. It can be difficult to tell the difference unless you can get your hands on one! A good tap will almost hurt when you pick it up, due to the weight, a cheap imitation will be far lighter normally due to it being made of plastic.

Bathroom Fixtures: Some things to think about:

  • Keep to the same 'style' with your bathroom fixtures, never mix traditional and modern.

  • Be careful with colours, they can date very quickly.

  • Don't get overwhelmed by the choice of bathroom fixtures available, pick a style and stay with it

  • Buy good quality taps.

  • Stick to your budget! and try not to fall in love with the mega whirlpool bath with TV/DVD/HiFi and games console unless you REALLY need it!

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