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Bathroom floor covering are a key area of bathroom design and it is important that not only does it look good, its feels good on when you step out of the shower or bath. It is important to choose a bathroom floor covering which is suitable for the users. Below there is information of the many bathroom floor coverings available.

Lino/Vinyl – this is a very cheap floor covering, it is available in many colours with many patterns. Some of the more expensive lino floor coverings are cushioned, which is great if you have concrete floors or uneven floor boards as it will be slightly forgiving. If you do opt for lino it is a good idea to have a professionally laid it so you don’t get any bubbles

Ceramic tiles/ porcelain tiles – there’s a tile suit every budget range, tiles are the ideal floor covering for your bathroom, they are wipe clean and hardwearing.

Slate, Travertine and natural stone tiles – Slate tiles are at the cheaper end of the market for natural stone tiles and the most expensive being travertine. It’s undeniable that a natural stone floor covering simply stunning in the bathroom. It is worth getting a professional tiler because a poorly laid floor can be hazardous and unsightly.

Remember if you opt for natural stone you will need to prepare the tiles with an impregnator before you lay them, this will prevent any discolouration and the tiles from soaking up any water.

Carpet - Although it may feel warm between the toes, carpet is not the best floor covering, especially in a busy a bathroom. Bathroom carpets will harbour many germs as it isn’t as easy to wipe up any spills and drips. The carpet will also soak of water and steam which will make them damp and cause them to go mouldy.

Polished marble and granite look sumptuous on the bathroom floor, marble and granite add a touch off class and you will have a bathroom fit for a king. Please be aware that a polished granite or marble floor covering will become very slippery when wet, which means they aren’t ideal for the elderly or young children.

Wooden flooring in a bathroom will feel warmer on the feet than tiles and is easy to clean, but if the users of your bathroom are prone to splashing water everywhere, then make sure the wooden floor covering is fully sealed because water will cause it to swell and warp.

Laminate is a cheaper alternative to wooden flooring, but again consider the user, it splashed water isn’t wiped up immediately then the edges of the laminate may lift.

Whichever bathroom floor covering you choose, consider installing under-floor heating. There is an under-floor heating for under nearly every floor covering, even wood and laminate, and it is well worth it. It will be the hot topic of conversation when you have people round to the house, and your friends and family will be envious. Stepping out of the shower on to a heated floor is total luxury.

Bathroom Floor Covering: Some things to think about...

Which colour will complement your room, if you have a small room go for a lighter colour, where are large rooms can get away with anything.

Consider the pattern and texture of the floor covering; this could have a big impact on the size and style of the room.

Think about who will be using your bathroom, and choose a floor covering which is suitable

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