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When you think about a Bathroom, you probably have a vision of pottery, tiles, taps and hard shiny surfaces in general.

But today's Bathroom Furniture has more similarities with
lounge furniture than the 'usual' bathroom furniture.

Modern Bathrooms now have sofas, chairs, bookshelves, vanity units and tables normally found elsewhere in your home are now being used to make the bathroom a more relaxed place.

Bathrooms with the right choice of furniture can become one of the most comfortable spaces in the house, why not consider a fireplace and a wide screen TV, after all if you have a family the chances are the bathroom is the only room in the house you actually get to yourself for a few precious minutes!

When choosing your bathroom furniture, carefully consider the finish. Metal and plastics may be easy to clean, and last, but nothing beats the warmth of wood to make your bathroom feel cozy.

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