Bathroom Heating

Bathroom heating us one of the most essential parts of bathroom design, you need to feel relaxed and comfortable when you’re drying off or undressing, so making sure the bathroom in the right temperature is very important.

You can heat you bathroom by installing a radiator, heated towel rail or under-floor heating.

Radiators are available in many shapes; sizes, style and finishes, and you’re bound to find one which will sit beautifully in your bathroom. Heated towel rails like radiators come in many styles, sizes, and finishes, but remember if you will have towels on them constantly the heat output will be significantly reduced. Radiators and towel rails are suitable for central heating systems, but they are also commonly available in electric version.

Electrical under-floor heating is invisible bathroom heating, you may think it a luxury you don’t need, but until your toes feel this bathroom luxury don’t dismiss it. Under-floor heating is a very practical heating solution for a small bathroom when there is limited wall space.

Bathroom Heating: Some things to think about:

Is there enough room to install a radiator/heated towel rail in my bathroom?

Check the heating output of the radiator/towel rail you have chosen is enough to heat your bathroom.

Choose which finish would suit your décor.

If you decide on underfloor heating, check it is suitable for the type of floor in your bathroom.

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