Bathroom Installation

A modern bathroom is no longer just a functional room; it is now considered one of the most important places in the home where you and your family go to relax.
It is very important to choose the right products to suit your personal style and needs when choosing and installing a bathroom.

The main features to consider when installing a new bathroom or replacing the old bathroom, is the bathroom suite, a shower, floor coverings, bathroom furniture, wall decoration and lighting.

Below things to consider before you install your new bathroom.

Installing a Bathroom Suite

There is a huge amount of bathroom suites on the market to choose from whether you want a traditional or modern style bathroom. Just ensure you measure your bathroom carefully, you don’t want to find your chosen bath doesn’t fit!!
Ideally you will simply remove the old bathroom suite and install the new suite in the same position; this will help to reduce plumbing costs; although this isn’t always possible especially if you’re totally re-designing the bathroom.

Installing a Shower Cubicle

You may decide add a shower to the existing bathroom suite, or simply remove the bath and replace it with a shower enclosure. There are hundred of sizes, shapes and finishes available to suit your bathroom installation. Ideally you will have plumber install the cubicle, there will be pipework to install for the shower waste and the shower. If you choose to install a shower into your bathroom, you also need to consider, you may have some redecoration work, and you will have to install shower wall or tile into the cubicle.

Installing a Shower

Not sure what type of shower to install in your bathroom? Your best bet is to consult a plumber, the type of water heating system you have will determine what type of shower will be best suited to your home and which will give you the best performance. You can choose from an electric shower or a shower mixer valve which could be pumped. If you choose to install an electric shower, you will require a plumber to connect the pipework and a qualified electrician to wire in the shower you may even need a Tiler too.

Installing Bathroom Lights

Whether you fancy modern or traditional style bathroom lighting you will require the services of a qualified electrician. The installed lights have to suitable for use in the bathroom, where it is humid and damp.

Fitting Bathroom Floor Coverings

Tiles, Stone, Vinyl, Laminate and Carpet, these are all very popular for installing on the bathroom floor.  You could either install you chosen floor covering or you could employ a profession, just remember to ensure that the floor is level before you install you bathroom floor covering. If you plan to install under-floor heating, remember you will require a qualified electrician to connect it for you.

Choosing a Bathroom Wall Covering

There is a variety of wall covering you may choose for your bathroom installation, all come in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your taste. You could choose to tile part of or even the whole bathroom, tiles are great for a small bathroom which soon gets steamed up and is prone to dampness, or you could even install shower wall which like tiles simply wipes clean.

Wallpaper can look good, but not when it's peeling of the wall! only use it in your installation if your bathroom is well ventilated and there’s no problem with damp.

When installing your new bathroom you likely to require the services of:

  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Tiler
  • Plasterer
  • Decorator

Remember do not book your tradesmen to install your new bathroom until all your items have arrived and you have checked them.

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