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When it comes to lighting in the average home, bathrooms are probably given the least thought. Often there’s just a single ceiling fixture that’s supposed to do it all.

But as the bathroom increasingly becomes a place to relax and get away from it all, lighting requires more thought. And when though becomes a reality the effect can be stunning

A good bathroom lighting plan needs to be layered — you need plenty of light for shower areas, shaving, or putting on makeup, but also consider more subtle lighting to create the right 'mood' for when you just want to lie back in the bath and relax.

Three different sources of light are generally recommended for bathrooms.

1. Ambient lighting
This ‘fill’ light source is usually created by a center ceiling fixing, or by ‘cove’ lighting from rope lights behind a molding near ceiling height. if ambient lighting is your choice then ensure that you also have adequate lighting around your vanity so that you don’t create shadows over the vanity mirror.

2. Accent lighting
Accent lighting such as a small recessed spotlight directed at a decoration or your beautiful new basin, creates another layer of light in the bathroom this is an optional feature that can really add a sense of warmth or provide an interesting emphasis to different areas of your bathroom.

3. Task lighting
Task lighting is used to brighten an area of your bathroom that requires extra lighting. Vanity lighting gets top consideration because these fixtures work the hardest to illuminate the head and face for grooming. Lighting placed on either side of the vanity mirror is the best way to ensure even illumination when looking in your vanity mirror. Hollywood style lighting consists of round bulbs surrounding the mirror and is very suitable for an art deco look in your bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting: Some things to think about:

  • Lighting above the mirror: No matter how good looking you are, lights fixed above a mirror just don't give you a fighting chance. Light fittings fixed at the side of the mirror, illuminate your entire face more evenly and prevent you from leaving the house looking like you forgot to do your makeup!

  • Bulbs: A crisp white light gives the most accurate colour reflection for your skin, with Halogen bulbs being the best. The newest compact fluorescent bulbs also offer good colour rendering.

  • Dimmers: Dimmers give you absolute control over the lighting, and thus the mood of the bathroom. Plus, dimmers save energy.

Well designed bathroom lighting is essential for creating moods, and the correct 'volume' of light in the areas where it's needed. A little thought about lighting can transform your bathroom!

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