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Carefully selected Bathroom Mirrors are an an essential part of your overall bathroom design. Mirrors can completely alter the look of the bathroom, adding light and the illusion of space.

When choosing a wall mirror take into account the size of your bathroom, and also the size of your vanity units, because extending your mirror beyond the vanity can create an unbalanced look.

Frameless mirrors produce a contemporary look, this can be enhanced by using circular mirrors or square mirrors, and mirrors with built in lighting. For an ultra modern approach, you could opt for the latest mirror TV's - A TV when switched on - a mirror when switched off!

A traditional feel is produced by using framed mirrors, but be aware of the shape, ovals and rectangles work best especially when accompanied by a traditional frame of wood or even metal.

Lighting is another important factor, your bathroom mirror can be almost useless without considering proper lighting. See our Bathroom Lighting Information Page for more details

Mirrors look best when hung directly onto the wall, instead being the front for a bathroom cabinet. In small bathrooms Mirror cabinets use valuable space and make the room look smaller.

Bathroom Mirrors: Some things to think about:

  • Mirrors can be used to reflect a favorite object in the room.
  • Don't mix styles, the mirror, vanity unit and lighting should all match. Traditional styles - framed mirrors, especially oval.
    Contemporary Styles -  unframed circular or square mirrors.
  • Your bathroom mirror should never be wider than the vanity unit it's hung over.
  • If you have two sinks, then each sink can have its own mirror or for a very modern look, a single wall to wall mirror.
  • Ensure the lighting is correct, without it all your efforts can be wasted.

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