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Renovating the bathroom is a huge project and you have to get it right the first time because Bathroom Renovation, on a square-foot basis, is also the most expensive. So here are a few tips to make your renovation project easier and cheaper.

Avoiding unnecessary costs:
You may not like where the bath is, or wish the shower was in the other corner, and you naturally consider moving things around.

Now, take a deep breath and.......  ignore any plans to move anything that has plumbing attached to it! unless the current layout is absolutely and completely un-livable. Why? because re-plumbing your bathroom is a very, very expensive option.

The second way to keep those renovation costs down is to 'KISS'  (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). For example, you can buy new tiles and hire a tiller (expensive) to replace those 'old' tiles or choose a product to paint over the tiles to give them a fresh look.

Never cut back on preparation when it comes to renovations, yes it's the most most tedious and thankless part of the process, but a necessary evil.

Unless you are an exemplary cleaner, the bathroom will need a really good clean to remove the build-up of grime from soaps and other dirt from those hard-to-reach places. It is essential to get rid of this build-up from any surfaces which are going to be revamped.

Start by sugar soaping the walls and ceilings, bleaching any mould spots that have accumulated and sanding all surfaces that will be repainted. You should also consider covering any taps, pipes and cornices you don't want paint splashed over with easy-to-remove masking tape. Also remove any items to be replaced, such as cabinets, mirrors, etc.

Bathroom Renovation: Some things to think about:

For most family homes, mornings in the bathroom resemble a battleground -- with everyone trying to get done in there allotted time. Whether a couple or the whole family share the bathroom, a few functional tactics will help keep the peace!

Well designed bathroom renovations provide a fast return on investment in the value it adds to your home. Few other home improvement projects equal bathroom renovations for dramatically increasing your equity.


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