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Your choice of bathroom suite will largely depend upon the style you have chosen for your bathroom. But you should still consider the overall effect that your new suite will have on the bathroom.

You will also need to consider size, the range of available bathroom suites is large and can accommodate just about anything you need in size and style.

If you have the room, think about having two basins to cut down on queues for the bathroom. and take a little time to choose your bath, there are hundreds of options now available that you may not have seen if it's been a while since your last purchase- See our Bathroom Ideas Page and Baths section for more ideas!

Showers can be fitted over the bath if you need to save space, or in a separate shower enclosure. Another growing trend are Wetrooms where the whole room is constructed as an enclosed waterproofed area.

Wc's come in various guises, these include:
Close Coupled where the bowl and cistern are made to look like one unit

Back To Wall where the cistern is hidden behind a partition wall or paneling.

Wall Hung
Like the back to wall version the cistern is hidden but the pan is raised off the floor.

Bathroom Suites: Some things to think about

  • Keep to the same 'style' with your bathroom suite, never mix traditional and modern.
  • Be careful with colours, they can date very quickly.
  • Don't get overwhelmed by the choice available, pick a style you like, and make sure it blends with the rest of your bathroom.
  • Make sure you measure carefully and plan your bathroom, try to keep costs down by keeping the toilet, bath etc. in the same location
  • Check the quality! you don't want to replace your bathroom suite regularly, so make sure it's reasonably well made.

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