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Bathroom Taps are a key feature when designing your bathroom, and there are thousands of styles to choose from. It is important to select a good quality tap, don’t be swayed by the price tag, a cheap tap is unlikely to last as long and wont come with a good guarantee.

Why not transform a tired bathroom with some new taps and a lick of paint!? You’ll be amazed how much some new taps will revive an old bathroom suite and there is a tap to suit every taste.
There are so many types of tap to choose from, and you need to find one which will best suit your needs. Below is an explanation of the different types of tap on the market, this should help you choose the right tap.

Bath Pillar Taps & Basin Pillar Taps
These are a very traditional design; there is one hot tap and one cold tap.

Basin Monobloc Tap & Bath Monobloc
Monobloc means that the tap is fixed through one hole on the sanitary ware, these are usually mixer taps.

Bath Mixer Taps, Basin Mixer Taps, Bidet Mixer Taps
As the name suggest the mixer tap mixes the hot and cold water before it comes out of the spout. Some mixers feature a pop-up waste rod on the back of the tap; these are a popular alternative to a standard waste and plug, and a lot tidier.

Bath/Shower Mixer Tap
This tap allows you to run your bath as usual, but it also features a shower attachment and a diverter which allows you to fit a shower over your bath without extortionate plumbing costs.

Lever Taps
These taps are ideal for those who may struggle to twist and turn a regular tap, the levers heads are specially designed to be easy to use, they are commonly found in hospitals.

Bidet Taps
These taps are specifically designed for bidet use, the water flow is different to that of a basin tap, some provide a jet of water, and others aim the water higher so to wash the desired area. There are available as a bidet mixer tap or even as a bidet monobloc.

Once you’ve decided which style of tap is right for your bathroom whether it is modern contemporary or traditional and then you need to decide on a finish. Choose from Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Antique Gold, Nickel, or even Mixage finish which combines two or more finishes.

Bathroom Taps: Some things to think about...

Which bathroom tap will complement my bathroom suite?

What colour should I choose?

Who will be using the tap? Consider which tap may be easy to use for younger and older members of the family

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