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Tile has always been firm favorite in the bathroom and for obvious reason, it's hard wearing, waterproof and easy to clean. The drawbacks are initial cost, 'cold' feel and it can be virtually impossible to change without a lot of hard work and expense.

Bathrooms are often tiled on the walls and the floor, this needs careful thought! White or neutral colours are the obvious choice, since they blend in with any change to the overall colour scheme of your bathroom, but a bathroom completely tiled on wall and floor in white can look cold and sterile without an abundance of colour from other accessories and fixtures.

The choice of bathroom tiles has grown to ridiculous proportions in the past few years (and so have some prices!) The range of materials now included slate, travertine, and glass alongside the standard ceramic versions. With this overwhelming choice, you need a clear idea of what you are looking for and a budget (that you will stick to!) before you embark on the search for your perfect bathroom tiles.

Bathroom Tiles - Some things to think about

Using larger format tiles, such as 10x14 or 10x16 reduces the amount of grout you have to clean and maintain.

Tiling all the way to the ceiling creates an illusion of height in the bathroom, eliminates humidity problems associated with paint and wall coverings.

Tiling the ceiling is a must for steam showers, but it is also becoming popular in normal bathrooms.

Natural stone tiles require periodic sealing.

Check that your floor tiles are not slippery when wet, believe it or not some are!

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