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If you are just beginning to look for a bath, and have no idea what you really need, then you have quite a task ahead of you. There are thousands of different combinations of baths available from the simple standard 'tub' to the hi-tech wonderland models with built in whirlpools, TV's and music systems.

Where do we begin? well for most people space is the overriding factor, if you have a 'normal' bathroom then you will be limited to the size, shape and position of your bath. You may love that 2 person bath with TV and spa system, but if it won't fit, without a major rebuild of your bathroom, then forget it!

Cost is another important factor, you will probably have a budget in mind, so stick to it! Try not to be overwhelmed by the tasty 'add ons' such as entertainment systems, unless you can afford (and really need) them. Quality also goes hand in hand with the price, this is important to remember if you are going to add a spa, whirlpool, massage system etc. A normal bath with no moving parts have very little to go wrong, but when you start to add in pumps, jets and electrical systems, then you have to consider the quality and longevity of the construction more seriously. 

The style of your bath is also important, always consider what you already have in the bathroom and make sure your new bath is in keeping with the existing items. The style of you bath will also effect the material that your bath is made from, if you are looking for a steel or cast iron bath, then you will be limited to the shape and size, whereas acrylic baths can be manufactured in just about any shape imaginable.

We have more information pages on various types of baths (see the menu at the left hand side of this page) there are also various baths available to buy in the Baths Section of our online shop.

Baths: Some things to think about...

• How big is your bathroom, will your new bath fit?

• Whenever possible, try to locate your bath in the existing position, this will save on re-plumbing costs.

• Check the quality, especially when adding whirlpools, spas, massage systems to your bath choice.

• Make sure you new bath has a complimentary style to your existing bathroom items.

• Your new bath will probably be with you for many years, so think carefully about the colour!

• If the material that your bath is made from is important to you, you may be limited to the size and shape of your bath.

Choosing a Bath

Baths come in just about every conceivable shape and size, with a wide range of materials and  'extras' such as whirlpool systems and even TV's!

Where do you begin?, well you probably have an idea on the shape, size and colour for your bath already, so we will concentrate on the more 'unusual' options, and the main areas that confuse many people.....

Double bath ?
Two-person baths obviously take a lot more water and space than a standard bath. You might consider purchasing a hot tub if you will use a two person bath regularly.

Whirlpool / Air Spa / Massage ?
Essentially a massage bath and a whirlpool bath are the same thing, they are also known as Jacuzzi baths although Jacuzzi is a brand of bath not a type (it's like calling a vacuum cleaner a Hoover)

Air spa baths (Airbaths) are a different animal. Where Massage and Whirlpool baths spray pressurised water/air through side vents, air spa's produce air bubbles through thousands of tiny holes in the base of the bath.

Steel - Cast Iron - GRP - or Acrylic bath?

Steel Baths:
Steel baths are made from a sheet of steel that is coated on the surface with enamel. They tend to be quite thin so the water in the bath tends to cool quickly. You will also find that you are restricted in the shapes and sizes available in steel constructed baths.

Cast Iron Baths:
Cast iron baths are now almost exclusively the free standing type. They are heavier than acrylic and GRP baths, but do not normally require any 'special' construction in the bathroom to support them.
Cast iron baths are not cold, they will be at room temperature, so if your bathroom is warm, your cast iron bath will be warm too.

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Baths:
Acrylic baths have now almost totally replaced GRP baths, this is mainly due to GRP being difficult to maintain correct colour matching between batches of baths and 'texturing' of the surface of the material under certain conditions.

Acrylic Baths:
Acrylic baths are now the most common, the material is a good insulator, it's easy to form into just about any shape and size, and the colour can be controlled more precisely than GRP.

Acrylic baths are normally 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, or 10mm thick, but the thicker baths are not necessarily the strongest! The main strength comes from the underside construction and NOT the acrylic top layer! You should also check for reinforced bath sides (to prevent bowing when full of water) and a good solid baseboard, this is needed to fully support the bottom of the bath.

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