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Bidet in the old French language means bider, which means ‘to trot’. It is presumed that this comes from the way the bidet would be used, which is much the same as how you would ride horse. It is though that the bidet originated in France sometime between the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

Bidets were originally designed for washing and cleaning the genital area, but they are frequently used for cleaning other parts of the body such as the feet. The idea is that you would first use then toilet and then the bidet; you would sit facing the bidet tap when washing the front and have you back facing the tap when you wash the back. It is essential to choose the right bidet tap for you bidet as they are specially designed so the flow of water is like a small jet. You may find a separate nozzle on some models, and even a built in dryer!

Bidets are made from Vitreous China which is very east to clean and hard wearing, they are available in many colours, styles and shapes to suit the rest of you bathroom suite.

There are two types of bidet –

Floor-Standing Bidet
This bidet sits against the wall and it fixed to the floor, this is the most common type of bidet that you will see around. This bidet can be installed alongside back to wall or close coupled toilets.

Wall Mounted Bidet
This bidet is mounted to the bathroom wall using a Bidet Frame which is concealed inside the wall. This bidet is designed to match the popular wall mounted Toilet.

Bidets: Some things to think about...

Choose a bidet which matches the style of the toilet you have, they generally sit side by side so you want to make sure they similar shape. Try to buy it at the same time as you choose your toilet, many manufacturers suite ranges include a matching bidet.

Be careful with colours, they can date very quickly!

Choose a good quality bidet tap.

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