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Double Baths or Two Person Baths as they are sometimes known are available in many shapes – rectangular, round, oval. All providing enough room for two people to bathe comfortably and let the soothing bubbles float all your worries away.

A Two Person Bath could simply replace a Standard Bath, it could sit proudly in the center or the room and for those who feel a little more adventurous why not have the bath sunken into the floor or even have steps leading up to it.

Due to the size, Double Baths are generally made from Acrylic which is a lightweight material. However don’t think that because a large bath is made from Acrylic that it will lack strength and rigidity, most Acrylic baths have GRP Reinforcement.

Double Baths can be supplied with or without tap holes, but if you haven’t chosen the bath tap you like when you order the bath don’t worry, most acrylic baths can easily be drilled for tap holes.

These luxurious two person baths usually feature sloping backrests,  armrests and padded headrests. And for added luxury why not add a Whirlpool & Airspa system to your double bath.

Double Baths: Some things to think about...

Which style of bath tub will suite my bathroom suite?

Do I have enough room?

Remember, Double Baths take a lot more water to fill than a standard tub, make sure you have a tap with a high water flow rate otherwise you’ll be waiting a long time for your Bubble Bath!

Check your water heater are boiler will supply enough hot water to fill your bath

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