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Electric Showers can be fit most domestic water systems, they are usually connected to the mains cold water and an element inside the shower unit heats the water as it passes through.
Electric Showers provide instant hot water whatever time whether it’s day or night.

Electric Showers are very simple and easy to use which means they are ideal for a family bathroom, and because the shower heats the water as you shower there’s no need to worry about the hot water running out!

An Electric Shower can be fit within a shower cubicle or used over a bath, they are very versatile and nearly every home new or old can have one.

Electric Showers come in different kilowatt ratings, the higher the rating, the better the water flow rate.

Choosing the right shower is very important when re-designing your bathroom, we spend most of the time in the bathroom washing which means choosing the right shower for our needs is essential.

Electrical Showers: Some things to think about...

Most Electric Showers need 1 bar pressure, some may need a higher water pressure than other, please check the Showers Specification and the pressure in your home.

Make sure you don’t have the shower on the wall facing the shower doors, otherwise you will end up with a wet floor when you turn it on!

Which Electric Shower will suit my bathroom?

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