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Mixers Showers or Shower Valves are a popular alternative to an Electric Shower, these shower valves mix the hot and cold water supply so you’re shower is the perfect temperature. Mixer shower valves are available in Manual or Thermostatic versions, Manual are considerably cheaper than Thermostatic ones but temperature fluctuations are to be expected.

Mixer showers work off many types of water supplies – combi boilers, hot water cylinders, multi point heaters, cold mains…., please check the technical specifications of your Mixer Shower before you buy.

Mixer Showers come in Exposed/Surface Mounted and Concealed/Recessed Versions.
Exposed Mixer Showers can be used in almost any situation as the pipe work is mounted onto the wall. Concealed Mixers can only be fit if the walls are hollow as the pipe work is hidden creating a neater finish. Both versions can usually be supplied with a fixed shower head or adjustable shower head and riser rail.

Exposed, Concealed, Contemporary, Minimalist or Traditional and a choice of finishes – there’s it a Shower Mixer to suit all tastes and bathroom styles.

Mixer Shower Valves can be used in conjunction with a shower pump if you’re wanting to give your shower a boost, although check with a plumber or the retailer whether it is suitable for use on your system.

Just remember the Shower is the place where you spend the most time when you’re in the bathroom, you want it to be a totally refreshing and relaxing experience.

Mixer Showers: Some things to think about...

Should I choose a Thermostatic Shower Mixer or Non-Thermostatic Shower Mixer?

Some Shower Mixers require high water pressure, some work on all systems, please check the technical specifications of the of the mixer you like before you buy.

If you’re unsure what your water pressure is consult a plumber.

Choose a suitable shower head, if you had poor water pressure and choose had which is too big, the water will dribble out!

If you chose a Concealed/Recessed Mixer Shower space behind the wall for the pipes to be hidden – either a plasterboard partition wall if the space is large enough or an airing cupboard.

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