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Power Showers are the same as a Mixer Shower but include a built in shower pump, this shower pump boosts the water pressure producing powerful flow rates which create incredible spray force.

The Power Showers are usually installed with a variable spray shower head which produces different spray patterns including massage or pulse and massaging body jets. The relaxing heat of the water combined with powerful massaging effect will create an invigorating shower time experience.

Like Mixer Showers, Power Showers also come in Exposed and Concealed Versions.
Concealed Power Shower can be fit if the walls are hollow as the pipe work is hidden. Exposed Power Showers can be used in almost any situation as the pipe work is mounted onto the wall.

Power Showers can not be used if you have a Combi Boiler, Un-vented Heating Systems but are ideal for homes with a cold water storage tank and a supply of hot stored water.

Power Showers come in Contemporary, Minimalist or Traditional styles with a choice of finishes, which means there’s a power shower to suit every taste.

Power Showers: Some things to think about...

Some Showers require high water pressure, some work on all systems, please check the technical specifications of the Power Shower you like before you buy.

If you’re unsure what your water pressure is consult a plumber.

Check whether you’re shower enclosure or shower doors are compatible with power showers, you don’t want any nasty surprises

Power Showers use a lot of water, if showers are being taken one after another you may find you run out of hot water.

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