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Radiators are no longer just seen as heating device, but they are considered to be an important element when designing your room, many modern radiators look more like sculptural pieces rather than the regular white radiators we are most familiar with.

There are many styles to suit your home – traditional cast iron radiators, modern radiators, ultra-modern radiators, convector radiators and towel radiators. Most radiators are usually available in a selection of colours, and are regularly available in RAL colours. Radiators come in many sizes to suit the size of you room and give off the amount of heat required.

The heat output of a radiator is usually measure in BTU’s and watts, it is advisable to get you installer or the retailer to work out the output the room requires. For this output to be calculated, you must know the sizes of the room including the height, and you will need to not how many windows, the size of them and how many external walls there are.

Radiators can be supplied with a radiator valve, whether you choose thermostatic or non-thermostatic you will find a radiator valve to complement your radiator beautifully. There are also other accessories also available such as towel rails, robe hooks and drying racks which fix to the radiator; these allow you to add you own personalised finishing touches.

There are radiators for open and closed central heating systems, but it you don’t have central heating many radiators come in electric versions, and many can be supplied with an electric element conversion kit at extra cost.

If you’re thinking of decorating you room, but don’t think you will be able to afford the plumbing costs and new radiator, you could use s decorative radiator cover for a quick make-over, however these covers can significantly reduce the output of the radiator so please take this in to consideration.

The warmth in you home is very important as it helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed, in today’s society we take heating for granted, but we would be lost without it.

There are thousands of radiators to choose from, and there is a radiator to suit every heating need and every budget.

Radiators: Some things to think about:

Does the radiator you have chosen have a big enough heating output for your room?

Some special finishes and RAL colours can take up to 6 weeks for delivery, please bare this in mind before you order you radiator.

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