Saniflo Macerators

Saniflo offer a collection of macerators which will allow you to install a bathroom, extra toilet or kitchen almost anywhere in your house. A macerator grinds down waste matter and pumps it through a small pipe to the soil pipe. It is not always possible to fit standard plumbing pipes, and Saniflo macerators offer the perfect solution. Saniflo Macerators are quick to install, you just need a supply of water and electricity.

There are a variety of Saniflo Macerators – each designed for doing a specific job. Below there is a brief description of each model will help you choose the right Saniflo Product for you home.

Saniflo (1001)
This Saniflo is designed for use with any toilet and is ideal for use in a basement or in a loft conversion. Saniflo 1001 will pump up to 4m vertically and 50m horizontally.

Saniplus (1003)
The Saniplus can support the installation of a complete bathroom suite including a power shower in a basement, loft conversions or even an en-suite. The Saniplus will pump up to 5m vertically and 100m horizontally.

Sanipack (1052)
Ideal for use with wall hung suites and back to wall suites, the Sanipack is considerably small and can be concealed within a wall or unit. It is suitable for use in a shower room, it will pump 4m vertically and 40 m horizontally.

Sanipro (1006)
The Sanipro can be installed in an en-suite with a shower. The Sanipro can pump up to 5m vertically or 100m horizontally.

Sanichasse (1032)
The Sanichasse looks like an ordinary toilet but inside it has a built-in macerator which can process waste from itself and a washbasin which would be ideal for a cloakroom. It can pump up to 5m vertically and 100m vertically.

Sanishower (1043)
The Sanishower can process water from a shower and a basin, it’s suitable for installing a shower in a loft conversion or cellar, the Sanishower is very discreet as it will fit under a standard shower tray. It can pump up to 4m vertically or 40m horizontally.

Sanivite (1004)
Sanivite macerators are designed to take hot water from appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine when they aren’t situated close to the drain, they can be used in a regular kitchen if the appliance is situated on a central island, in a kitchen extension, in a utility room or even in a loft or cellar conversion. Sanivite can pump up to 5m vertically and 50 m horizontally.

Sanislim (1054)
The Sanislim can be used in a loft conversion, cellar or en-suite in combination with a slimline bathroom suite. It can pump up to 4m vertically and 40m horizontally.

Sanitop (1002)
The Sanitop could be used in a loft conversion, basement or cloakroom, the Sanitop can pump water from a toilet and a basin up to 5m vertically and 100m horizontally.

The Sanicompact is simply a back to wall style toilet with a built in macerator, it will pump from a toilet and a basin which makes it suitable to a cloakroom, loft conversion or similar situation. Sanicompact will pump 3m vertically and 30m horizontally.

Sanicondens (1046)
Sanicondens has been designed to take water vapour from a condensing boiler, water from air conditioning systems and also humidifiers. Sanicondens pumps up to 4.5m vertically and 50m horizontally

Sanibest (1053)
The Sanibest can pump water and waste from toilets, basins, dishwashers, washers which means it is ideal for use on commercial premises such as pubs and hotels. The Sanibest can pump up to 6m vertically and 100m horizontally.

Sanispeed (1045)
Sanispeed is designed to pump water from dishwashers, washing machines and dish washers, its pumps up to 7m vertically and 50m vertically which makes it ideal for use in pups, clubs and hotels etc.

Sanicom (1046)
The Sanicom is ideal for using with heavy duty dishwashers and washing machines, its pumps up to 8m vertically, which make it ideal for use in hotels and nursing homes.


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