Sanitary Ware

Sanitary Ware is a common name for a bathroom suite, usually compromising of a wash basin, toilet, bath and sometimes a bidet. Traditional sanitary ware, contemporary sanitary ware, modern sanitary ware and now even designer sanitary ware, there’s a bathroom suite to suit every taste and budget. They come in all shapes and sizes so you will find a suite to fit perfectly, and there is an array of colours to choose from. Sanitary Ware is usually made from Vitreous China, which is completely water resistant and very hard wearing; however the bath to match the suite is likely to be made from acrylic, steel or cast iron.

Evolving from wash room to a multi function relaxation room, the domestic bathroom is having an ever increasing amount of time spent in it, which is why it is essential to choose a stylish yet comfortable and practical bathroom suite.

Sanitary Ware: Some things to think about...

Try to locate the new sanitary ware in the same place as the old sanitary, this will save on plumbing costs.

Some manufacturers offer a special glaze on their bathroom suites which helps the water droplets to run off the surface and reduces the need to clean. It may be something to consider especially if you have a busy bathroom!

Consider the size of your bathroom when you choose your sanitary ware, there are many short projection toilets and basins which are ideal for maximising space smaller bathrooms.

Plain white sanitary ware will not date as fast as the coloured sanitary ware, think carefully before you decide.

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