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Shower Cabins are the ideal solution if you are looking for complete modern Shower cubicle, the pre-fabricated shower is completely water-tight with a shower tray base or a bath. Most models are completely enclosed with a roof which features a light and overhead shower as well as the standard handheld shower.

Steam generators and body jets are also a common feature to a luxury shower cabin, the complete shower unit allows you enjoy the luxury of a spa in your own home. You can relax alone or why not chose a double Shower Cabin and relax with your partner? A Shower Cabin will turn your bathroom into luxury haven.

There are many designs and shapes for Shower Cabins – Stand Alone, Corner and Back to Wall, you are bound to find one perfect for your bathroom. Many shower cabins are constructed from rigid acrylic and glass, although there are some more minimalist shower cabins which are constructed from glass and wood, be warned they come with a hefty price tag, but are you willing to compromise on style?

Shower Cabins: Some things to think about...

How much room do I have?

Which shape and size Shower Cabin will best fit my Bathroom?

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