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Shower Enclosure is just another common name for a Shower Cubicle.

Installing a Shower Enclosure may cut down on waste water, help cut down those utility bills and also save time washing, which very important in family bathroom!

Shower Cubicles are great addition to any bathroom, not only are practical for use in small bathrooms, they are good for the elderly who may struggle getting in and out of the bath and they look stylish. A shower cubicle is the perfect combination of practicality and luxury.

A Shower Enclosures can compromise of a shower door which can be fit into a recess or fixed with a side panel, used with a shower tray, a curved cubicle which has pivot doors and comes with a matching shower base, There are many types of Enclosures to choose from to suit your showering needs, even bespoke shower cubicles which may allow you to have a shower fit into a place you never though possible.

Cubicles are constructed from toughened safety glass, which can be clear plain, tinted glass, frosted glass or even glass etched with a modern or traditional design. Framed or frame-less enclosures are both equally popular in bathroom design.

The shower Enclosure you choose will have to determined by the amount of floor space available and your budget– just remember a bigger enclosure mean more cleaning!!...but it might be worth it for a spacious luxury showering experience.

Shower Enclosures: Some things to think about...

Where will my fit Shower Enclosure?

What style of enclosure is most practical for my needs?

Do I have enough room for the door to open? If space is limited maybe consider a door in-swing or bi-fold door.

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