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Shower Pumps increase water pressure which mean increase water flow. Shower Pumps can be used in conjunction with a Mixer Shower or Shower Tower if water pressure is low.

There are two types of Shower Pump, the Single Impeller Shower Pump and the Twin Impeller Shower Pump.
The Single Impeller Pump has one driving blade which pumps the water as it is mixed up to the shower head, this means the pump must be installed above the mixer between the mixer and the head.

The Twin Impeller Pump can be connected to both the hot and cold water before the reach the shower mixer valve, which means they can be installed into an airing cupboard or similar

Twin Impeller Pumps are the pumps used in most shower installations.

Positive Head Shower Pumps are for where the shower head is below the height of the water tank, Negative Head Shower Pumps are for where the shower head is above the height of the water tank.

Most manufacturers recommend the shower pump must be placed within a certain amount of distance from the hot water cylinder, please check the manufacturers specification before you buy.

Shower Pumps: Some things to think about...

Where will I fit the shower pump? And do I need positive or a negative?

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