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Shower Screens also commonly called Bath Screens were designed to allow you to install a shower over your bath, not everyone has a bathroom large enough for both a Bath and a Shower Cubicle, so a Shower Screen is the ideal solution. Shower Screens are rapidly replacing shower curtains as they provide a much neater finish and they are simply wipe clean.


Shower Screens come in many different style and shapes – folding screens and pivot screens are just two types, the most common being a standard pivoting flat screen. Although less common D-shape shower screens are now available, designed for where wall space in limited the screen creates a shower cubicle over the bath. Curved Shower Screens designed for use with corner baths are also becoming more readily available…….there really is a solution to every showering problem and one to suit every bathroom!


Constructed from toughened safety glass the Shower Screens come in Clear Plain, Frosted, Etched and Coloured Glass. The bottom of each shower screen features a rubber seal will make it water-tight when sat in place on the bath

Shower Screens: Some things to think about...

Make sure you check the length of your bath and measure where the screen will come to, images can be deceiving if the screen is pictured with a longer bath than the one you have.

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