Shower Seats - Showers

Shower seats are becoming more popular in bathroom design, not only are they being installed in shower cubicles for comfort they are also being installed for safety.

Showering is an integral part of life which is carried out daily, installing a shower seat could make taking a shower a lot more enjoyable and relaxing for young and old.

The elderly or people with limited mobility can not always stand for long periods of time which makes showering very difficult, the only alternative would be to bathe, which also proves to very problematic. Installing a shower seat will help to retain ones dignity as the seat will help the user to have a shower without the need for any assistance, therefore helping towards independent living.

Shower sets are also ideal for those of you who love to soothe away the stress of the day with a long hot steamy shower, so why not be seated whilst you relax?
Of course there is the problem that you may never want to leave the shower once you’ve installed a seat!

There are many types of shower seats designed to meet your needs – wooden seats, plastic seats, padded seats…..and there are many finishes to suit your bathroom style. Shower seats can be free-standing or wall mounted inside the shower enclosure, most wall mounted shower seats fold away discreetly to allow maximum showering space when needed.

Shower Seats: Some things to think about...

Consider the users in mind when choosing a shower seat, if the person is elderly a padded seat with arms may be the best choice, also consider installing grab rails which will help when entering and exiting the shower.

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