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Shower Towers (also known as Shower Panels) are the indulgent combination of Multiple Shower Heads and Body Jets in one vertical fixture. They are ideal for using within a shower cubicle, over a bath or it a wet room. With the powerful multi-function Body Jets you will receive the ultimate massaging hydrotherapy experience in your own home.

Not only are showers perfect for creating a memorable showering experience, they also look good, Shower Towers are made from a range of  materials including metal, glass, wood…... which means there is one to suit every bathroom and every budget.

As with most showering equipment you will need to make sure the Shower Tower will work on your water system. If your home has a combi boiler or a pressurised water system the Shower Tower used alone is fine, but if you have a tank fed hot and cold water system you will have to use a shower pump with the Shower Tower.

Manual Shower Towers are a lot cheaper Thermostatic Shower Towers, but you are likely to experience temperature fluctuations, please consider who will be using your shower tower before you make your final decision because they may not be as suitable for young children or the elderly.

Shower Towers: Some things to think about...

Some Shower Towers will require high pressure, please check the technical specifications of the mixer you like before you buy. If you’re unsure what water pressure you have consult a plumber.

Shower Towers use a lot of water, ensure you have a big enough water supply before you install one in your Bathroom.

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