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Shower Trays – you would think there wasn’t so many choice when it come to choosing a tray for your enclosure but you’re wrong – shower tray are now available in various heights  - Low Level, Standard & Raised. They come in various colours, the most popular being white, followed by Pergamon, but it doesn’t stop there, some manufacturers even have black!

Some Shower Trays (sometimes called shower bases) are available with a Tiling Upstand, this is a thin lip at some edges of the tray which is made for tiling over which helps to prevent leaks.
Shower Trays are manufactured from many material, you just have to find one which suits your needs best, just bear in mind how much use the shower will be used.

Acrylic Shower Trays are reinforced with GRP for strength & rigidity, Acrylic Trays aren’t too heavy.

Stone Resin
The Surface of a Stone Resin Shower Tray Polyester Gel Coated which is backed with a polyester resin & stone cast structure, giving great strength and durability. Stone Resin Trays are very heavy.

Acrylic Capped Stone Resin
Acrylic Capped Stone Resin Trays are very similar to Stone Resin one, but the surface is an acrylic cap, slightly lighter than the Stone Resin but heavier than the Acrylic Trays.

These are the most readily available types of tray on the market, but shower tray made from Steel, Wood, Stone, Ceramic…… but remember the more extravagant your taste the bigger the price tag, but don’t let this put you off, it might be worth it to create the designer bathroom you’ve always dreamt about.

The many shower tray shapes include – square, rectangular, quadrant, d-shape, pentagonal etc.

Shower Trays: Some things to think about...

Which colour tray will match my bathroom suite?

Check whether the tray you choose has an anti-slip surface. Acrylic, Stone Resin & Acrylic Capped Trays usually have a textured surface, but ceramic, wood and stone may not. These may not be as suitable for use by young children and the elderly.

Make sure the Shower Tray you choose will match your Shower Cubicle.

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