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Shower Wall Board or Shower Wall Panels as they are sometimes known are a beautiful stylish alternative to bathroom tiles. Shower wall boards can be used in shower cubicles, or anywhere in the bathroom, or you could even have them in your kitchen. Some people have a combination of tiles and shower wall board, they install the panels in the shower cubicle which is frequently wet and then tile the rest of the room, which is very practical but also creates a lovely contrast.
Shower wall boards are easier and quicker to install than tiles, and can even be installed on top of the old tiles which means there will be no mess made with having remove them.

Shower wall board is easily wiped clean which means it is very hygienic and there is no grout which can discolour or go mouldy.

Installing shower wall board is ideal for large and small bathrooms especially where there is a condensation problem, shower wall board will not peel or crack as many traditional bathroom wall coverings do.

Showerwall Boards are usually made from water resistant plywood or MDF which is coated with a water resistant laminate or PVC. Shower wall board comes in many finishes and colours – marble effects, metal effect, wood and even tile effect boards.

Shower wall boards have a variety of seals and edging strips and colour silicone sealants to help you finish you installation off perfectly and they help prevent leaks.

Shower Wall Boards: Some things to think about...

Which colour and finish will complement my shower and bathroom suite?

Make sure you double check the measurements of the area where you will be installing the shower wall boards.

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