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Showers have become an essential part of bathroom design. Taking a shower is a quick and more hygienic alternative to taking a bath, and it also more efficient as it uses less water and even power to heat the water. With peoples lives being more hectic than in the past installing a shower is an ideal solutions to you washing needs.

If you want to install a shower but don’t have room for a shower cubicle, then install a shower over your bath. Choose an electric shower or mixer shower you like, and then decide whether to install it with a shower curtain or shower screen. You will need a plumber to install your shower and an electrician too if you want to fit an electric shower. Some re-decoration will be needed as pipe work will need to be fitted.

If you want a solution which will not require a lot of re-decoration you could always consider a bath shower mixer and shower kit to replace your old bath mixer.

If you have room you can install a shower cubicle. Choose the cubicle or shower door you like along with matching shower tray and fit it with a power shower, mixer shower or electric shower. You could choose to tile the shower cubicle or for a quicker alternative you could use waterproof shower panels which can even be installed on top of old tiles. But if you don’t fancy tiling and decorating you could always opt for a complete shower cabin. These pre-fabricated complete shower units are completely water-tight and even have features such as seats, body jest and steam generators.

There really is no reason why you can’t fit a shower in your bathroom, there is one to suit every bathroom and every budget.

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