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Sink is just another name for wash basin, wash basins and sinks are used for washing the hands, face and even pots. There are two types of sinks – kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks.

Bathroom sinks are commonly made from vitreous china, but are also commonly available in glass, stone, metal and resin. Bathroom sinks can be wall mounted, inset or semi-recessed into a unit or even supplied with pedestal or semi-pedestal to cover any unsightly pipework. Bathroom sinks can be supplied with one, two or three tap holes, it really depends what style tap you have decided on. There are so many sinks to choose from you will have no trouble finding a sink to suit your bathroom.

Kitchen sinks are generally made from stainless steel, but are also available made from resin, ceramic, cast iron and synthetic materials with a stunning granite finish. Kitchen sinks can be supplied with one tap hole for the common mixer tap, or two or three holes if you’re wanting a more traditional rustic look kitchen, but the most commonly available is a sink with one tap hole. There’s a sink to suit every style of kitchen.

One thing all sinks feature whether it be a kitchen sink or a bathroom sink is a waste and nearly always an over-flow to prevent water from flowing over the top of the sink.

Sinks: Some things to think about...

Where will the sink be situated? Always try to keep the sink in the same place it was originally, this will save on plumbing costs.

Which finish will suit my bathroom/kitchen best?

Choose the style of tap you prefer before you buy so you know how many top holes you require.

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