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Standard baths are normally the rectangular shape bath, they can be Standard Bath made from steel, cast iron but acrylic is the favourite material. The standard bath is the biggest selling of all the shapes available, probably because the rectangular shape is the most economical when it comes to saving space.

The cost and quality of standard baths varies enormously, from the budget ranges available in the high street DIY centres, to the specialist models that incorporate whirlpool, massage or air spa systems. The thickness of the acrylic versions varies between 4mm - 8mm, although this is not always a guide to the strength of the bath, most of the strength and rigidity comes from the GRP under body, the frame and the bath's base panel, so be sure to check these too.

A wide range of sizes is available, to suite just about every space you may need to fill, and in every conceivable colour! You can also find a very wide range of side panels in wood, plastic, metal, and glass to compliment or totally change the look of your bath, so you don't always need to stick with the one from the bath manufacturer.

Standard Baths: Some things to think about...

Watch those 'fashion' colours, your bath will last longer than the fashion will.

Check the quality of the whole construction of the bath not just the thickness of the acrylic.

• Whenever possible, try to locate your bath in the existing position, this will save on re-plumbing costs.

• Check the quality of whirlpools, spas, and massage systems that you add to your bath choice.

• Make sure you new bath has a complimentary style to your existing bathroom items.

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