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A Steam Shower is a shower cubicle which is supplied or used in conjunction with a steam generator to create water vapor. Many steam showers are enclosed within a complete stand alone steam shower cubicle which is totally water-tight to prevent steam from escaping and damaging decoration, however it is possible to turn a regular shower cubicle into a steam shower by installing a steam generator inside the enclosure and sealing the top of the enclosure with a steam dome.

Many stand alone complete steam shower cubicles are often fitted with body jets and foot jets, overhead rain shower, hand-shower, radio and CD player and chromatherapy lights. Stand alone steam shower cabins are generally made from a combination of rigid acrylic and glass, although some newer designs are made from glass and wood for the ultimate minimalist designer look.

Turning a standard shower cubicle into a steam shower may be the best idea if you have a traditional style bathroom, a complete stand alone cubicle may stand our like a sore thumb!

Using an existing shower cubicle could also prove to be less expensive way of installing a steam shower.

Steam showers were once something you could only experience at the gym or at a spa, but now even you can have one in your bathroom. The steam shower can be used day or night, perfect for relaxation and cleansing before bed, or look forward to the warm soothing steam shower on a cold morning. Installing a steam shower will allow you to have an invigorating shower experience over and over again without having to step foot out of the house.

Steam showers are widely reported increase blood circulation which can help to ease stiff and aching muscles amongst other health complaints, improve metabolism and help reduce stress which will help lead to a healthier happier you.

Steam Showers: Some things to think about...

Check that your existing cubicle or the one you will create your steam shower with is suitable for use with a steam generator.

What size steam shower enclosure will you be able to fit in your bathroom?

What finish would you like your steam shower to have, would a complete steam shower unit or a shower cubicle suitable for use with steam, generator and steam dome look best.

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