Teuco Chromotherapy

Be showered with colour in a Teuco Chromotherapy Cabin. Teuco present us with a totally relaxing, re-vitalising showering experience which combines hydrotherapy with chromotherapy to create the luxury Teuco Chromoexperience.

What is Teuco's Chromotherapy:

Teuco’s Chromotherapy is also known as colour therapy and colourology. Scientists and medical practitioners have studied colours and moods and claim there is a connection between the two and that colours can cause emotional reactions in people that have a therapeutic effect. The colour ‘Blue’ for example makes you think cold, soothing and calm thoughts, whereas the colour ‘Red’ makes you think hot, energetic and vibrant.

Teuco chromotherapy cabins feature four colour programs – red, yellow, orange and green, you simply choose your colour to set the desired mood. These chromotherapy programs and the effects have been studied carefully by Teuco and a team of specialist medics and university researchers.

How Teuco Chromotherapy works:

The light enters the eye and is captured by the retinas receptors, this information is sent to the brain where it stimulates certain neurotransmitters, the substance uses by the brain cells to communicate with one another. This creates electrical impulses created by the brain cells are received in the pituitary gland and converted into hormones which are sent to different parts of the body. Light is known to influence the production of testosterone, melatonin and prolactin.


Teuco Chromotherapy lights and their reported benefits:

RED: This colour invigorates, stimulates and energises, which is beneficial if you are physically tired or have been involved in strenuous activity.

ORANGE: Is said to stimulate creativity, by inducing enthusiasm. Orange is though to help restore energy and create the feeling of well-being.

YELLOW: A colour thought to be beneficial to pessimists and worriers, the yellow light is ‘sunshine like’ and restores happiness and humour which can mean improved relationships and a better quality of life.

GREEN: Green is a relaxing, harmonising light which balances and soothes, it is ideal for unwinding mentally and physically.

It is reported that that the effects of Chromotherapy can be heightened when used in combination with hydrotherapy and aromatherapy.
Teuco bring us cutting edge designs which combine all three therapies – Chromotherapy, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy.

Teuco Chromotherapy Showers may not have the cheapest price-tag on the market, but is you well-being and health something you can afford to compromise on? A Teuco Shower Cabin is a product you will never regret investing in.

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