Teuco Steam Sauna

Steam Saunas are often known as a Turkish bath or even a steam bath. This specially designed unit which creates a hot, humid vapour which totally surrounds the body. A steam sauna should not be confused with Finnish Sauna, which is hot dry air delivered in a wood lined cabin.

The essential differences

  Teuco Steam Sauna Finnish Sauna
Temperature between 40 and 50 degrees between 70 and 100 degrees
Humidity 100% 10 - 20%
Environment methacrylate cabin wood cabin
Benefits airways,
blood pressure,
rheumatic pains,
  both help reduce stress and tension

Teuco Steam Saunas offer many health benefits and promote beauty leaving the skin smooth, supple and glowing because dead skin cells are removed.

The wonderful combination of steam and heat in the Teuco steam sauna makes the body perspire, a process in which many toxins and residues are removed from the body leaving you feel cleansed and purified.

Scientific studies show that steam saunas can be beneficial for those whom suffer from respiratory disorders, the steam relaxes the airways making it easier to breathe, it can also help with stress and physical problems like muscle tension and painful joints as the heat increases the blood flow.


Ideally you should shower before enjoying a steam sauna, this is all possible in Complete Teuco Steam Sauna Shower, and each cabin features a luxurious overhead shower and a handheld shower. Other features of Teuco Steam Saunas include massage water jets, adjustable seat, thermostatic shower mixer and even an aromatic herbs dispenser.

With a Teuco Steam Sauna you will want for nothing more……

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