Teuco Hydrosonic Ultrasound

Teuco have a desire to be the first in cutting edge and unique bathroom design.
Hours of research are undertaken to push the limits of hydrotherapy and create an essential well-being product for the domestic bathroom. No longer do you have to travel to a heath spa for a luxury hydrosonic therapy, or even step out of your home, simply just lock the door to the bathroom and indulge in a personal hydrosonic bath with ultrasound from Teuco.

Teuco Hydrosonic Whirlpool Baths

Teuco have combined the luxury of a whirlpool with ultrasound waves to the unique Hydrosonic series, Teuco Hydrosonic baths are the only baths with ultrasound. Like standard Whirlpool baths where water and air is mixed and pumped through the jets, the Teuco Hydrosonic bath jets also emit a beam of ultrasound. The turbulent bubbly water of a whirlpool bath is ideal for reflecting the beams in many directions, which allows the submerged body to become surrounded by the ultrasound therapy.

Ultrasound has a deep massaging effect which can not be achieved by any massage or whirlpool bath, the ultrasound causes body cells to contract and dilate over and over – up to 3 million times per second. This can assist lymphatic drainage and cell renewal, and may even benefit those whom suffer with cellulite.


Teuco Hydrosonic Baths feature four massage setting – Beauty, Anti-Stress, Toning and After Sport; there is a massage setting which every member of your family will love.

Teuco Hydrosilence

Teuco have tried and tested many way to reduce the noises which are associated with having a whirlpool bath and finally they have developed Hydrosilence, this greatly reduces acoustic emissions, which means the only thing you will be listening to when you bathe in your Teuco Hydrosonic bath is the soothing sound of the bubbling water.

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