Teuco Whirlpool Baths

Installing a Teuco Whirlpool Bath will turn an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious haven which you will never want to leave.

Teuco Whirlpool Baths mix air and water which is pumped through jets aimed at the immersed body massage the body much like a beauty treatment you would receive in a health spa. The flow rate and the position of the jets and the massaging action are fully adjustable to suit the user and their needs, meaning you can step into a totally personalised bathing experience.

The Teuco jets are positioned to target the arms, legs, feet, abdomen and the torso, so you can indulge in a full body massage day or night.

Simply lie back in your Teuco whirlpool bath and let the bubbling water get to work on those tense muscles and let your troubles and stress of the day float away. A Teuco whirlpool bath could help with bad circulation, stimulate cell metabolism, help drain excess fluid and leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. Installing a Teuco bath tub offer so many benefits, but not only this, a Teuco whirlpool bath will look stunning and attract many admirers.

Teuco Whirlpool

Teuco offers the highest quality baths constructed from pure cast acrylic which is very rigid and strong, this acrylic is also notably scratch-resistant and it is also impervious to acids, grease and water which means it will look new much longer than some acrylic baths. Teuco whirlpool baths feature head rest and back rests, some are even double ended if you enjoy bathing with a partner.

So sure of their beautiful designs, Teuco offer a 10 year warranty with each whirlpool bath.

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