Tile Safe

Tile-Safe Membrane from Impey

Tile-Safe is another ingenious design from Impey to make installing your wetroom much easier.

When you creating a wetroom you must ensure the floor is completely water-tight (this is also called tanking) and using Tilesafe waterproof membrane is the way to do it.

Tilesafe is quick to install as it is a cold applied membrane which is self adhesive, which means you need not waste time waiting for it to cure, and allows you to tile the same day.

Tile-Safe is a thick waterproof rubberised layer which incorporates a woven glass fibre mesh on one side.

Tilesafe can be fixed to plywood, plasterboard, masonry and concrete to create a water-tight area.

Tilesafe kits come in 5m2 (TS1) and 10m2 (TS2) kits.

Each contains:

Tile-Safe Membrane (5m2 or 10m2)
Tile-Safe Primer
Reinforcing Tape
Jointing compound putty

Tile-Safe is a cost effective solution, which is quick and easy to do for creating your wetroom.

Tile Safe Installation Video