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Toilet Seat is a lid to cover the toilet and a seat which covers the rim of the toilet bowl. This prevents the user from sitting on the toilet bowl which breeds germs, in many countries public toilets even supply paper covers to place on the toilet seat before you are seated to protect against diseases. It is recommended that the lid of the toilet be closed when flushing the toilet to stop germs traveling through the air.

Most toilet seats are designed to fit all toilet pans, although some manufacturers make seats to match the toilet if it is an unusual shape. Toilet seats are commonly made from wood, plastic and metal, which are available in many finishes and colours. There is often a choice of hinges – standard or soft close which are also available in many colours to match existing bathroom accessories.

Toilet Seats with soft-close hinges are ideal for the young and elderly, and they will prevent fingers from becoming trapped and stop a loud slamming noise when the toilet lid is closed.

Toilet Seats: Some things to think about...

Which toilet seat would suit my bathroom décor?

Wooden Toilet Seats may feel slightly warmer when you sit on them!

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