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Toilet is a plumbing fixture installed into every bathroom to dispose of waste matter. The toilet is also frequently called Lavatory, Loo, Khazi, Rest Room, WC (water closet), Bog, whatever you call it they all do the same job!

The first flushable toilet was said to be originally invented in 1596 by Sir John Harrington, he designed a valve to release water from the water closet, Arthur Giblin designed the Silent Valveless Water Waste Preventer in 1819 , this system allowed a toilet to flush effectively , it is believed he later sold the patent to Thomas Crapper.

There are two types of toilet pan, both deliver water in different ways to the toilet bowl – Box Rim Pans which uses channels for the water to flow through, or the more common Open Rim where the water flows from under a lip at the top of the pan.

Toilet Cisterns feature many styles of flush – front lever flush, side lever flush and even modern top and front push button flushes. Push button toilet flushes are used with many toilets, but are almost always used with concealed cisterns and fitted to the wall or furniture.

Push Button Flush are available in single or dual-flush systems, the dual flush allows the user to have more control of how much water in delivered to the toilet. Dual-flush Toilets usually give an average flush of 4.5 Litres, and no more than 6 Litres of water.

Fixed To Floor

There are many types of toilet on the market today –

Close Coupled Toilet – The traditional cistern and pan which is probably most common today.

Back To Wall Toilet – The toilet pan sits up to the wall or with fitted furniture, the cistern is concealed within the wall or inside the furniture unit. The toilet is bolted to the floor.

Wall Hung Toilet - This is where the toilet is mounted to the wall using a support cradle which is concealed inside the wall with the cistern.

High Level or Low Level WC – Victorian style reproduction toilets with a high level or low-level cistern and pull chain flush.

Toilets: Some things to think about...

Coloured sanitary ware dates very quickly, consider carefully before you move away from the popular white bathroom suite.

Keep to the same 'style' with your fixtures, never mix traditional and modern.

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