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Walk-In Baths are the perfect solution for the elderly, people with disabilities and those with limited mobility. Commonly known as Disabled Baths, these baths allow a truly relaxing bath time for all.

Most Walk-In Baths will fit into the space of a standard bath, which means just swapping them over so installations should be quick and easy.

The walk-in bath doors which are completely water-tight allow safe, easy access for bathers. These bath tubs have a seating area and are much deeper than standard baths which creates a deep soaking experience. Like most baths, Walk-in Baths can have a shower fitted above, so the bather has the option to bath or shower.

Like most baths, Walk-In Baths can also be fitted with a Hydrotherapy System to help soothe away aches and pains of the day. Hydrotherapy is a renowned therapy which has many benefits.

Walk-In Baths are made from acrylic and available in a variety of colours, which is prefect if you’re trying to match your new bath tub to an existing bathroom suite.

Walk In Baths: Some things to think about...

Which Bath Tub suits my needs best?

Check the measurements, do I have enough room to open the bath door

Thermostatic Bath Mixers &  Showers may be the best option for use with this Bath

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