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Walk-In Showers usually compromise of a curved or flat glass enclosure with no moving parts and shower tray to collect the waste water. Walk-In Showers are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design, they are a must have for every modern bathroom and will quite often replace the bath. It is well known that showers are a practical alternative to bathing, taking a shower may help to cut down on the amount of water used, which could mean a reduction of those utility bills.

Not only will the Walk-In make a beautiful focal point it also offers a very spacious showing area for a relaxing, revitalising shower. With more and more people opting for open living a walk-in shower is the perfect addition for your bathroom. Walk-in’s can be installed into a recess, or up against a wall when used with a walk-in side panel, it’s completely up to you, but wherever you decide, the walk-in will sit proud and you will be the envy of all your friends and family.

Walk-in showers are constructed from toughened glass for your safety, this can be Framed, Semi-Frameless or even Frameless if you want the ultimate minimalist designer look. Choose from a variety of frame finishes including chrome, gold, or silver to co-ordinate with your bathroom décor.

Walk In Showers: Some things to think about...

How much room do I have and where would I fit the walk-In enclosure.

Should a replace the bath with the walk-in shower or should I have both?

What finish will match my bathroom?

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